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Waterbed Heater
One of the unique things about a waterbed is the ability to control the temperature of your mattress. They have thermostats so you can accurately dial in the most comfortable temperature for your bed. Our waterbed heaters are safe, reliable, long lasting and have undergone rigorous testing at United Laboratories. Made by the same company for over 20 years, they’re built to the highest international standards with a patented circuit design resulting in efficient heating and an ultra low electromagnetic field. They’re easy to install and easy to use with a solid state control unit that accurately keeps the temperature of the bed within 1 degree, plus or minus of the set temperature for maximum comfort. The control unit is specially designed to be smaller to fit through deck spaces more easily, uses less energy than other heaters and is designed to resist electrical spikes up to 1500 volts! Our heaters are available for softside waterbeds (175 watt rating) and hardside waterbeds (325 watt rating).
MSRP - $102.00
* 2 Heaters Included