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Plush Top Softside Waterbed
The comfort of a waterbed without the wood frame! The Plush Top Model offers a breathable, super comfortable cover along with your choice of waveless mattress options. Dual water-mattress systems completely eliminate partner disruption and provide the ability for each sleeper to control the temperature of their side of the bed.
  - No Hassle, All Inclusive Prices include all the components you need for your Complete Softside Waterbed. You don't have to add Foundations or heaters or even the metal frame because the price includes it all. Even Free Shipping!
  - Safety Liner and Fill and Drain Kit included.
  - Dual Water-Mattress System includes two heaters.
  - Single Water-Mattress System includes 1 heater.
MSRP - $2399.00 King
* 2 Heaters Included

Waveless Mattresses

- The ER600 SXE Super Waveless Softside waterbed mattress has firm support with virtually zero wave and utilizes Sterling’s patented Progressive Rate System personalizing support to each sleeper and providing extra support from mid-torso through the hips and buttocks for each sleeper. MORE INFO
 - The 400SX Super Waveless Softside Waterbed Mattress features softer support, ideal for someone who wants the classic feel of a waterbed but doesn’t want any wave. The support system is made up of three mid-body fiber layers which provides extra support for the lumbar region. MORE INFO
 - The ER9256 Waveless Mattress has 2 lumbar support layers and 4 layers of fiber to help keep motion to a minimum. MORE INFO

All three models are available in dual chamber or single chamber styles. Dual systems completely eliminate partner disruption and provide the ability for each sleeper to control the temperature on their side of the bed. Dual systems use two heaters. Single systems use one heater. All models have:

•  A full, 8 inch depth for maximum flotation and minimum displacement between sleepers of different size
•  Tethered Wave Control Systems keep the wave control/support system in place and prevent shifting of those materials
•  Main seams are recessed completely underneath the mattress to eliminate flexing and stress on those seams
•  A black bottom panel made from a special vinyl formulation that is better at withstanding heat from the heater
The ER600 SXE and the ER400 SX Softside Waterbed Mattresses utilizes Sterling’s Premium 24mil Endura3 Vinyl while the ER9256 utilizes Sterling’s Premium 18mil Endura3 Bali Blue Vinyl. Both types of vinyl are formulated with the finest resins available and engineered to be the best materials possible, making for durable, long-lasting, high quality waterbed mattresses.